Published Work

New Zumba class provides a fun way for students, faculty and staff to get moving

This was the first piece I wrote for the Aurora University Spartan Media team. I was assigned a piece on our new Zumba class. For this article I was able to interview the instructor for our yoga class, a student interested in the Zumba class and the director of our health center.
This was my first experience approaching people for interviews without prior contact. I was surprised that each person was so open with me and willing to share their thoughts.

“Water Flows on Mars?” presentation raises new questions for further research

I wrote this piece covering an Aurora University professor’s presentation on the recent Mars discovery. The professor had previous experience with a Mars mission, so his presentation was rich in scientific information. This was not an assigned article.
I had to read a lot of information before and after this presentation to fully understand the material. It was exciting to be a mini-expert on this topic while writing the piece.
This was the first event I had covered and learned a lot from the experience. For example, I learned that I should have brought a tape recorder. Also, I should have taken more pictures from different angles.

Presentation brings students, faculty, staff and residents together to discuss financial state of Illinois

This was a piece I wrote about Aurora University’s inaugural event in their Town Square Series, “Fixing Illinois.” The event was the most complex news piece I had covered. The speakers discussed taxation, budgets, pensions and unions.
I had learned after my first event for the Mars article to bring a recording device. I used this recording while writing and researching the article. It was helpful in pulling out quotes and finding the voice of the piece.