Holiday Memories

A holiday themed podcast featuring my friend, Patty Naponiello. In this podcast, Patty discusses some of her favorite holiday memories.

I had a great time recording and editing this piece. This was my first experience working with Audacity editing software. By the end of the experience I had learned a lot. I learned I shouldn’t talk over interviewees because I will have to edit around my voice.

My favorite part of this project was finding the emotional impact in Patty’s story. I was able to work the music around her story to build intensity of her message.

The Original Social Network

This is a mini-documentary about roller skating, the “original social network.” This video shows the social and health benefits of skating. This video was shot at Aurora Skate Center in Aurora, Illinois by Amy Seklecki, Cristina Carlos and me. The film was also edited by me.

I enjoyed this because I was able to use iMovie, which I had used for a previous class to make a PSA. This time, however, I was using visuals to tell a story, not sell an idea. It was a lot of fun to interview the people in the video. What you see is jus a small portion of the footage we captured. It was a great experience editing that bulk of material down to a short, mini-documentary.